"Here is the personal gym

to suit to continue!!


《Master Concept》

​Way of  thinking that this gym cherish

《Service List》

​Service contents when using this gym

​Contents of service

​Free Trial



The first visitor from this

・ Be aware of our service

    Please use for the first time

・ We cope with various needs by       use every time

once 60min.

¥4,000(tax included)



Main service !!

Limited service for 50 people

・ Service to achieve goal        


・ Reservation can be acquired    

    four times in a mass

・ Strengthen support by regular  


4th a month/60min.×4times

¥15,000(tax included)

※ I don't accept this menu online.

Remote Lesson

Regularly for Lesson users

Support goal achievement

・ Only option plan

・ Your meal and workout

  Our gym supports online

​Fixed amount in amonth

¥5,000(tax included)

※ I don't accept this menu online.

《Equipment Outline》


Workout Spaces


・Free weight

・Fitness tube

・Stretch pole

・Stretch mat

​ ※ Shower not available 

Business Information

【Bussiness Hour】

 07:00-22:00(L.L 21:00 start)

【Regular Holiday】


     ※ There will be temporary closures and I will notify    

         you in advance



 ・Credit Card

        VISA , JCB , mastercard ,

        Diners Club,AMERICAN EXPRRESS

 ・IC Card

  suica etc.

 ・Electronic Payment

    LINE Pay , Pay Pay , Rakuten Pay , au PAY

          WeChat Pay

​Workout Goods

【Free Rental】


 ※ Socks not required for workout on the mat

【Free Present】

・A bottle of mineral water 

What customers have to "0" without limit!!



 〒244-0804 956, Maeda Heights, 511-2

    Maedacho, totsuka, Yokohama,


【Nearest Station】

 JR Yokosuka LineHigashitotsuka Station

【Nearest Bus Stop最寄バス停】

 Kanagawachuo Bus 

  「Maeda Heights Mae」


 There is a free parking space

  ※ Please contact us in advance as you need

         a parking permit


 Please tell the driver,'Go to the front of

    Maeda Heights' 


Please feel free to contact us

Personal Gym 「take three」
Owner:Yuta Fukuda
956,Maeda Heights, 511-2, Maedacho, Tootsuka,
Yokohama, Kanagawa
E-mail Address : take.three.yokohama@gmail.com

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