"Here is the personal gym

to suit to continue!!

One to One instruction

By the owner


15,000 yen a month!!!

Coming with no baggage!

Servicing mineral water!

Renting clothes and towels!

With comvenient

web reservation and

free parking!


With comvenient

web reservation and

free parking!

《Master Concept》

​Way of  thinking that this gym cherish

《Service List》

​Service contents when using this gym

​Contents of service

Owner and one-on-one workout to increase muscle mass, which is the basis of dieting, body makeup, health maintenance and promotion

Stretch for the purpose of improving physical performance from long-term eyes such as injury prevention


・Aiming at increasing the amount of large muscle mass in the body called BIG3 (Quadra femoris, large pectoral muscles, and latissimus dorsi),

     it is based on improvement of basal metabolic rate

・ In addition, we carry out workouts to increase muscle mass in the details and adjust the lines of the body according to the purpose.

・Stretch before and after workout to prevent injury and improve workout performance





The first visitor from this

・ Be aware of our service

    Please use for the first time

・ We cope with various needs by       use every time

once 60min.

¥4,000(tax included)




Main service !!

Limited service for 50 people

・ Service to achieve goal        


・ Reservation can be acquired    

    four times in a mass

・ Strengthen support by regular  


4th a month/60min.×4times

¥15,000(tax included)

※ I don't accept this menu online.

《Equipment Outline》


Workout Spaces


・Free weight

・Fitness tube

・Stretch pole

・Stretch mat

​ ※ Shower not available 


Business Information

【Bussiness Hour】

 07:00-22:00(L.L 21:00 start)

【Regular Holiday】


     ※ There will be temporary closures and I will notify    

         you in advance



 ・Credit Card

        VISA , JCB , mastercard ,

        Diners Club,AMERICAN EXPRRESS

 ・IC Card

  suica etc.

 ・Electronic Payment

    LINE Pay , Pay Pay , Rakuten Pay , au PAY

          WeChat Pay


​Workout Goods

【Free Rental】


 ※ Socks not required for workout on the mat

【Free Present】

・A bottle of mineral water 

What customers have to "0" without limit!!




 〒244-0804 956, Maeda Heights, 511-2

    Maedacho, totsuka, Yokohama,


【Nearest Station】

 JR Yokosuka LineHigashitotsuka Station

【Nearest Bus Stop最寄バス停】

 Kanagawachuo Bus 

  「Maeda Heights Mae」


 There is a free parking space

  ※ Please contact us in advance as you need

         a parking permit


 Please tell the driver,'Go to the front of

    Maeda Heights' 



Please feel free to contact us